What are the prices for the tickets for the festival?

I pool – 49 PLN
II pool- 69 PLN
III pool – 89 PLN
IV pool – 109 PLN
V pool- 129 PLN
Day of the event – 149 PLN
VIP tickets: 400 PLN

VIP tickets include

⎯ Special restricted access area with a limited number of guests. Tons of amenities. Raised and covered from the elements, with a great view of the stage;
⎯ Exclusive parking;
⎯ Entry to Energylandia’s premises starting at 10 a.m. on the day of the event;
⎯ No queues to enter the Park (special gate);
⎯ Close proximity to stars during concerts;
⎯ catering;
⎯ alcohol (separate bar with full service);
⎯ separate toilets and bathrooms (only for the VIP guests);
⎯ professional photographer services;
⎯ hostesses and concierge services;
⎯ festival memorabilia;
⎯ additional individual security.

How to get there?

Zator is located between two large urban centres: Kraków and Katowice . Energylandia can be accessed in various ways. If you are planning your journey, please use our directions:

al. 3-go maja 2
32-640 Zator, woj. Małopolskie
tel. +48 724 222 000, +48 33 486-15-00
GPS: 49.997058 N, 19.412196 E

On the day of the festival, there will be a special shuttle service from Krakow and Katowice.
We would also like to offer transportation services to Energylandia by special trains. More info coming soon.


If you are travelling to Energylandia from another country, you may select one of the two closest airports:
-John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport (42 km)
-Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice (84 km)


If you are travelling to Energylandia by train, you may select one of several railway stations which you can directly access from various locations in the country. You can continue your journey by bus. We recommend the closest railway stations:
– Oświęcim railway station
– Wadowice railway station
– Bielsko-Biała railway station
– Kraków Główny railway station
– Katowice Central railway station

Plan your trip here: PKP timetable


If you are travelling to Energylandia by coach, you may select one of the several closest coach stations:
– Oświęcim coach station
– Wadowice coach station
– Bielsko Biała coach station
– Kraków coach station
– Katowice coach station

You may also plan your journey to Zator using this website: E-podróżnik


There are shuttle buses of private operators to Zator from Kraków, Katowice, nearby cities and municipalities (Oświęcim, Wadowice, Chrzanów, Spytkowice, Brzeźnica, Skawina), which usually leave every half hour or more. The easiest way to find information about connections is to check local stops or coach stations.

Got problems with ticket purchasing online?

1. If you already made the bank transfer and have your transaction number (p24-xxx-xxx) and your password to the Przelewy24 payment system:
NOTE! Some of the banks working with the Przelewy24 system does not posts payments immediately on weekends and other days off, so if this applies to you, proceed to point 2.
– Wait for about 15 min and try again
– Pick the „prepay” option (instead of choosing the bank)
– Enter your transaction number and your password
– Confirm payment
2. If you made a bank transfer on weekend or another day off, and your bank doesn’t process payments on such days, but you have your Przelewy24 transaction number:
– Wait for about 15 min and try again
– Pick the „Użyj przedpłaty” (prepay) option (instead of choosing the bank)
– Enter your transaction number and your password
• Confirm payment
3. If the transaction didn’t go through for unknown reasons, but the transfer has been made and you don’t have the transaction number:
– Have the transfer title ready
– Contact the Przelewy24 system service – www.przelewy24.pl – tel.:(00-48) (61) 847 52 64
– After receiving your transfer information, the consultant will guide you through further steps
– Repeat steps from points 1 and 2

Are there any age restrictions or criteria for entry into the festivals?

Persons under 16 years of age may only attend a festival if accompanied by an adult (18 years of age).
Children under 3 enter free-of charge.

What are the methods of payment at Energylandia?

In the festival zone it is only possible to pay with tokens or cash. In the amusement park area you can pay with cash or credit cards.
Tokens (6 pln each) can be purchased or returned (only with receipt) at the ticket counters specially marked on the map, near the exits. There is also a bank machine available in the energylandia amusement park area (access for all guests from 6 p.m.).

What times do the festivals take place?

Festivals usually take place between 6 p.m. and 1 a.m.
From the moment the gates open, our food establishments are available. All of Energylandia’s attractions are at our guests’ disposal from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Can I use the Park when coming for a festival?

At Energylandia you can do something other places can’t offer! During any festival event, you are free to use all of the attractions of our Amusement Park! Enjoy over 50 attractions, including 4 brand-new roller-coasters at no additional cost! Your festival entry ticket grants you free admission to anywhere at Energylandia during the festival (from 8 p.m. to about 12 a.m.).
Don’t delay! Get your festival ticket today!

Will there be any parking available for the festival guests and how much will it cost?

Free-of-charge parking available for approximately 10,000 cars for our Guests.

Press accreditations

If you are interested in obtaining press accreditation, please read our terms & conditions. Upon acceptance, please complete the form according to the instructions and send it to our press secretary at: kris@energylandia.pl

What is the festival infrastructure like?

For maximum comfort and convenience of our guests, the entire festival and park area have been paved with cobble stones. There are dozens of toilets throughout the festival zone and park area. There are portable toilets in the festival zone, and large stationary toilets at the Park. We’ll have a large, covered food area ready for you as well. Our guest will also have a quiet Mother&Baby Corner and several medical assistance points available to them.

Are there bank machines in the festival zone?

There are no bank machines in the festival zone, but there is one available in the Park area which all festival guests will have access to from 8 p.m.