Camasutra is first and foremost known for its beautiful and charming vocalist, Małgorzata Główka. She plays pop, soul, R&B, jazz, blues and dance music. Małgorzata graduated from Music School, specialising in piano.

She has received a number of prestigious awards in Poland and abroad on international festivals. Małgorzata is one of the few Polish vocalists who work with FIDOF, an International Organisation for young musicians with headquarters in California, USA. She she taken part in TV shows, such as “Szansa na Sukces” (Chance for Success) by Elżbieta Skrętkowska, “Kawa czy herbata” (Coffee or Tea) and performed in the “New Years Concert 2010” by Marcin Wolski. Her musical career took her to the absolute top of the dance music scene. Since 2013 she has been the lead vocalist of Camasutra. She recorded 5 video clips: “Jesteś ideałem” (You Are Perfect), “Chcę Cię Mieć Na Chwilę” (I Want You For a Moment), “Do Nieba Bram” (To Heaven’s Door), “Dla mnie Ty” (You for Me), “Będę tylko Twoja” (I Will Be Yours Only) which were viewed by millions of Internet users.