Power Play

The origins of Power Play fall on year 2001.

Known for their fiery temperaments and amazing spunk, they don’t like to make a big deal out of themselves, but when they come on stage, the entire audience starts dancing as if in a trance. As the band said themselves: “We are happy to create music that can entertain and make people smile”.

The live instruments they use in concert give their music a unique style, perfect sound and a modern feel. Every event with POWER PLAY becomes an incredible experience and guaranteed great fun that is difficult to forget.

The biggest hits of the band are: “Zawsze coś (oj tam oj tam)” (Always Something), “Skok w bok” (Something on the Side), “Kochaj mnie” (Love Me), “Co ma być to będzie” (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), “Najpiękniej” (Most beautifully), and many more…

Since 2009, Power Play has been making their own, original music. They released 5 albums and 2 singles.

Their video clips have been transmitted on national TV and are very popular on the Internet.