Top Girls

Top Girls is a new band on the Polish market. It consists of three young ladies: Angelika, Paula and Justyna. The initiative to create a girls band came from the Green Star record label. The singers were selected from hundreds of candidates who came to the auditions.

The band’s discography includes 4 albums and a lot of big hits, such as “Czeski film” (Czech film), “Jeszcze tego nie wiem” (I Don’t Know It Yet), “Zakochana” (In Love), “Jakbyś Mnie Zechciał” (If You Wanted Me), “Nie będę twoja” (I Won’t Be Yours), “Mleczko” (Milk), “Dziś zatańcz ze mną” (Dance With Me Today), “Bo jesteś obok” (Because You’re Near Me), or “Zabierz mnie do raju” (Take Me to Paradise). The band has also recorded songs with other artists, such as “Sexi Bomba” (Sexy Bomb) (with Extazy), “Barwy uczuć” (Colours of Feelings) (with Boys), or “Niech żyje życie” (Long Live the Life) (with Kolor).

In 2018 Top Girls received the Grand Prix at the 23rd Nationwide Polish Dance Music Festival in Ostróda for “Jakbyś mnie zechciał” (If You Wanted Me).