Festival Info

A true music explosion for the fans of the Hip-Hop music!

Please join us for the first ever HIP-HOP Festival at Energylandia!

The 2 day event with the absolute best! See you on 26 and 27 July in Zator, Poland! More than a dozen of the biggest stars of the Polish HIP-HOP scene, the absolute first league in popularity! You just can’t miss this!

Unique atmosphere, giant stage, awesome lighting and the music you LOVE!


Presenting the stars of this Festival:

Day 1:
White 2115BorixonReToSolarSariusBedoesKęKęSzpakuBiałasPaluch | Kali

Day 2:
Guzior | Blacha 2115donGURALeskoMalik MontanaYoung Igi | O.S.T.R.OtsochodziJan RapowanieŻabson | KartkyGrubson

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